Friday, September 8, 2017

End of Summer

We made the most of our last few weeks of summer in California.
We love being tourists in our own town and took our bikes up to Balboa for ice cream/beach/park/arcade fun.

Poor kid fell asleep in his bike seat and I tied his head back because it was flopping all over the place.

Claire is always upside down, in the splits or doing gymnastics all over the house!

Emerald Bay beach day with the Campbells was the best we've ever had! We had the beach to ourselves and all 7 of the kids played so well together. Sierra and I were able to really relax and enjoy the day.
We've been going down to Salt Creek with the Copingas on Sunday nights to eat Baja Fish Tacos and let the kids run wild.
Leave it to Ruby and Olivia to convince a group of sun bathing high school girls to make them a mermaid tail!
The ATEAM decided to take a staycation together because it's been a few years since we've been able to get everyone together. The team has grown exponentially and it's really just begun!
I found us a great house in Indio (Palm Springs area) through a guy Mase went to law school with! It was a great fit for our group. As always, it's so amazing how well everyone gets along and how comfortable it is being together. We spent all day in the pool and all night playing "newlywed" type games, which are always hilarious with this group. Nothing is too personal!

Shelby took some great pictures with her drone!

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