Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back to School

We were so excited for back to school!! Being 37 weeks pregnant with baby number four I was SO tired! I've been really lazy and the girls were begging to get out of the house everyday. Now that they go to school five days a week it's a win-win!

Claire is at Oak Grove in 1st grade with Mrs. Thuerer. 
We lucked out again this year by having Dylan in the same class! Claire loves school and is such a compassionate person. She is nice to everyone and is always trying to be inclusive of new friends. After school most days the girls come home and PLAY school together.

Ruby is at Don Juan Elementary in Transitional Kindergarten with Mrs. Devlin. 
Claire also had Mrs. Devlin for TK and it was such a great experience! Ruby is very excited to have her friend, Parker, in her class! 
Mrs. Devlin didn't have a room mom step up, so Nina and I decided to be her room moms.
I'm so glad Ruby loves school so much! She has a very experimental brain and thrives in a stimulating environment. At home she constantly makes potions, fills up glass cups with water and objects to see them magnify, leaves cups of water in hidden places to see if they evaporate over time, puts cups of water in the freezer to see if it turns to ice, and so on! My favorite is her obsession with the hairbrush gathering strands over time. She has a special brush and she loves watching the build up of hair. Haha! Some times I'm less patient than others and get annoyed with her constant messy experiments, but I keep telling myself to embrace her curious little mind! :)

I'm very excited to be done with pregnancy forever! I'm tired of feeling tired, lazy and uncomfortable all the time! I can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl! While I was putting out all the newborn diapers I was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement that I get to do this again!! One last time! I'm so glad Mason convinced me to do it. :) My kids are FLOORED to have a new baby! It's going to be so fun.

I was spoiled rotten with the baby! Who knew that would happen with baby #4?!
My friend, Annie, threw me the cutest baby shower and everyone contributed to an Amazon gift card, which covered literally everything I needed to get! I'm so thankful!

Mason's work also threw us a little baby shower!
Right before the kids went back to school, BKM threw an end of summer party for BKM families and it was so cute! We had a great time!!!

Love this caricature of my kids!

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