Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Waite Summer Camp 2016

Before heading up to Utah we spent every day at the beach, pool, crafting, park hopping or playing. It was fun not being on a schedule and doing whatever we wanted! We were very ready for an adventure when the time came though.

Cooking Camp at home :)
Art Camp:

Entrepreneur Camp:
The girls have always wanted to do a lemonade stand. We were leaving town and had a costco sized bag of lemons so I finally caved. Our street gets a lot of traffic and we sold out of lemonade in 30 mins. They made $32 in 30 minutes!!! Lemonade was only $.25, but people are so generous. Claire LOVES money and they had so much fun. Too much in fact, they ask to do another lemonade sale everyday since.
After going to sleep that night, Claire came out of her bed an hour and a half after and said, "I just can't fall asleep because my mind keeps thinking about my lemonade stand and the money I made!" Mase and I got a good laugh and summoned her back to bed. I get it Claire, my mind reels after a successful work day, too! :)
Spending some of their money at Target on Shopkins. Happy day!
One day Claire got another loose tooth and was very excited to lose it. It was not very loose and she told me she was going say a prayer that night to lose it the next day. I advised her that sometimes God's answer to our prayers isn't always what we hope for because it would probably be a few weeks before losing that tooth. The next day she and Ruby were rough housing downstairs and Ruby shoved Claire into the couch. Claire excitedly ran over to me with the tooth twisted in it's position and yanked it right out. Her eyes were huge and she had the biggest smile on her face when she yelled, "God answered my prayer!!!!" She turned to Ruby and thanked her over and over for getting her tooth out.

Utah this summer was amazing!!
The highlight of the trip for the kids was playing with the new kitties, Roxy and Shadow. 
They mauled them the entire time! I can't believe how patient those cats are!

The neighbors Shetland ponies were a big hit, too!

Nothing beats the 4th of July in Oakley, Utah!
Mase woke up early and ran the Oakley 5k and took first place in his group.
Then we rode the tractor over to the local parade.

The kids loved running to their grandpa for coins in the kid rodeo! Ruby fell and ate dirt, literally. Dylan caught a chicken right in front of me and I was cheering so loud for him. After, Claire was disappointed that I was only cheering for him and not her.

After a BBQ at the house, we all piled into the truck for the pro rodeo!
We fit 22 people in the back of the truck!
After the 4th, Mase went back to California for work and the cousins left for home. It was just me, the kids and my parents for a couple weeks and it was so relaxing. I loved watching Claire and Ruby together! They have always been such great friends and are so sweet to each other, but there's something about being on vacation that always make relationships that much deeper. Maybe that's why we like going on vacation so much. :)
The kids took full advantage of the on demand horse back rides!
Lots of "bare"back sessions. :)
In the Uintas there is a fairy forest where hundreds of families have plots of fairy villages. A few years ago we created a Smart plot and we've enjoyed building upon it every year. It's always a magical experience for the kids seeing all the treasures and fairy houses.

We visited nana at work a few times and loved watching the aerials and doing the ski simulators.
Took many dips in the hot tub and trips to the Kamas pool.
Rode bikes all over town - this is our favorite thing!!

I want her hair!
Met friends at the park and enjoyed watching our kids hit it off!

Went hiking with the kids which consisted mainly of snacks, breaks, flower picking, and whining.

...and potty breaks.

My mom took us to Lagoon and we had so much fun! I forgot how great that place is! There were so many rides the kids could do. They even rode the big rollercoasters (and liked them)! I got super motion sick on a stupid airplane ride and was reminded how much I don't want to get pregnant! :)

At the end of the day I was exhausted! I'm so grateful my mom was willing to go twice in a month, especially since I was done with Lagoon for another year...or two.


We surprised my mom with a mini birthday party when she got home from work!

We were very sad to leave Utah, but very excited for our next mountain adventure!
After Utah I drove the kids up to McCall, Idaho to spend time with the Waites. I had to fly back to California for a few days for an event I planned so Jacque and Paula watched the kids for me. I'm so grateful!! I put the girls in a camp that week to break it up and they had so much fun. The camp consisted mainly of crafting, games, gymnastics and sports.

Mase flew back to Idaho with me and we were happy to have the whole family back together!

 This was our first time huckleberry picking and it's definitely not going to be our last! It was fun watching the kids help themselves to the berries and see their little stained fingers/faces afterwards. We pointed out the bright red berries on a different bush and told them not to eat them because "they're poisonous" (they're not). The kids kept telling each other that if they ate them, they would die. A couple weeks ago Ruby had a "middle child meltdown" and when I didn't give her the response she was looking for she cried, "Next time we go huckleberry picking, I'm going to eat all the poisonous berries!"
We made huckleberry muffins and they were delish! Way better than blueberries!
We love being out on the lake! My kids loved boating, but they were total sissies for the water sports! They weren't big fans of the tube (in their defense our tube did suck) and didn't want to try anything else. Hopefully one day they'll enjoy that stuff more!

Smores in the backyard
Mountain Monet was great. Crafting is their jam!
Daily trips to ice cream.
Necklace making for the girls!
Mase had the grand idea to float the river, but didn't do the research to find the best spot. Our "30 minute" float turned into 3 hours and the guys did entirely too much guiding and not enough relaxing. Luckily everyone had great attitudes and had a really good time. 

The Rybergs graciously let us come play at their beach and it really was the highlight of our trip!
They have this darling playhouse on the beach and lots of toys.

Claire took us out on her boat and patiently coached us on wake surfing!
It typically Amanda Waite form, I was too eager to drop the rope and didn't wait for the "sweet spot", so I kept eating it. It was such a blast though - I could have done it all day.

Ruby wasn't feeling well and had stomach pains, fevers and lethargy for a couple days. In the back of my mind I'm always concerned about her health with the rheumatology mystery we're trying to resolve. I freaked myself out when I started listing her symptoms off (stomach issues, lethargy, dizziness, eye sensitivity, frequent urination, fever, etc) and decided I wanted a blood sugar test stat to rule out diabetes. I talked my way into getting a blood sugar test at the hospital without having to see a doctor and was totally relieved when it came back at 109. They gave me an at home testing kit for the future in case I want to test again. The next day she felt much better, so I'm sure she just had a random virus. 
Mason and Chad always fish their brains out when we go to McCall. I'm so glad they have each other!! They are both so patient and fun to be around. When they weren't fishing they were golfing of gorging themselves with My Father's Place.
One night they took the kids fishing and actually caught a lot of fish!

Annual bear photo!
Paula has done a great job with the house! She's filled her summer days with project after project and it's all come together so nicely!
That's a wrap on our summer vacation/camp! It was filled with freedom, creativity, adventure, life experience and family. What more could we ask for? I'm grateful for the opportunity to let my kids experience pieces of our childhood during these summer trips.

Here is the video I made of our trip: